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The Spectrum Colleagues Page was developed to acknowledge the contributions of the hundreds of professors, teachers, students, and scholars, who have continued to use and expand the theory of the Spectrum. Without our colleagues involvement the Spectrum would be a static theory on the library shelf. Thank you for the life you have given to the Spectrum framework.

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Spectrum Colleagues

Without colleagues the Spectrum would be a theory on the library shelf.

Our gratitude and appreciation is extended to all our national and international support team--our Spectrum colleagues. Your contributions have reinforced, refined, and expanded the theory and your implementation has spread the developmental benefits of decision making to students around the world.

Spectrum colleagues are dedicated to the improvement of classroom learning. Besides offering a repertoire of alternative teaching and learning options from Command to Discovery, the Spectrum theory offers colleagues: a common language for dialogue that can lead to theoretically solid and reliable implementation practices and it provides colleagues a mechanism-a unifying structure-for understanding change in education and a framework for new ideas that can contribute to valid and cumulative progress.

We have yet to meet so many of you. Enjoy reading the following profiles to see how Spectrum colleagues were first introduced to or why they were drawn to the Spectrum.