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"Teaching Physical Education" is the definitive source for the groundbreaking ideas of the "Spectrum of Teaching Styles" introduced by Mosston and Ashworth and developed during 48 years in the field. This book offers teachers a foundation for understanding the decision-making structures that exist in all teaching/learning environments and for recognizing the variables that increase effectiveness while teaching physical education.

In this thoroughly revised and corrected edition, all chapters have updated classroom examples, concise charts, practical forms, and concrete suggestions for "deliberate teaching." The chapters present the decision structure specific to each landmark style and the process necessary for classroom implementation, application and assessment. Additionally, the concept of canopy teaching is presented. This concept expands the notion that the Spectrum is a framework of only 11 teaching styles. The concepts of mobility ability and the deliberate combining and designing of teaching styles are emphasized. This book offers teachers a professional repertoire--a unifying framework--of alternative teaching styles, and each style provides an opportunity for learners to develop specific learning outcomes.

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