Are there only eleven Teaching Styles?

No. Think of the connections between the Teaching Styles as continuous, free flowing, and not discrete. As of 2013, 11 Landmark Teaching Styles have been identified along the Spectrum. These Landmark Styles are discrete in that each has a particular decision-making frame. The designation of a Landmark Style is not arbitrary. Each of these Landmark Styles has been found to produce specific conditions for particular learning objectives. Each Landmark Style has a known O-T-L-O, which refers to the organic relationship of and the behavioral interaction between objective (O), learning behavior (L), teaching behavior (T), and outcome (O). Each of these Landmark Styles represents a tried and true teaching approach and can be thought of as milestones along the Spectrum. Adjacent Landmark Styles may be related to its neighbors in some respects, but each is also significantly different in both process and product. Location along the Spectrum has nothing to do with value.

In a practical sense, most teachers will use Landmark Styles the majority of the time. If conditions suggest that a modification would be appropriate, the Spectrum trained teacher would make those modifications, keeping possible consequences in mind. It is perfectly legitimate for a teacher to make a modification. The decision structure provides teachers with the opportunity to deliberately design learning experiences to accomplish desired learning outcomes. One of the beauties of the Spectrum is its flexibility. This will become clearer once the concept of episodic teaching is understood.