Can you use more than one Teaching Style during a lesson?

Yes. A skilled teacher can have two or more “episodes” in progress simultaneously. Notice the use of the word episode is used instead of lesson. A lesson is typically a time-based metric imposed by a school’s administration to organize the school’s schedule. Lessons do provide a necessary timeframe in a school’s day but are not necessarily pedagogically sound. In Spectrum terms an “episode” is that period of time during which a teacher and learner are in the same Teaching Style, working on a particular learning objective. An episode may last several seconds or several hours. It is driven by learning outcome, not time. Each episode has its own O-T-L-O. Episodic teaching helps the teacher plan for, implement, and assess specific learning objectives in a more authentic way.

A skilled teacher can have more than one episode impacting learners at the same time. This takes careful planning and good management skills. This is an important competency for the teacher to master because at times different learners may have different learning objectives in the same content area. Different learners will also have different needs in terms of time and assistance.