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Muska Mosston Suddenly Died July 22

Muska's passing shocked the Spectrum community. He was too energetic, vivacious and dynamic to be taken so soon. He was at a stage in his life where he was finally experiencing the acceptance of his ideas and receiving recognition from his colleagues. Indeed, his circle of friends and work obligations spanned the world. His cognitive capacities were amazing and his exuberance and zest for life were contagious.

In spite of the roller-coaster life that Muska led, he was grounded in the hope that pedagogy would someday function from a universal and unifying framework, with a common language that guides theory, practice, and assessment. He saw the Spectrum as a theory that offered a solid, consistent, non-versus foundation from which all teachers and students could benefit. Muska was visionary; he saw what pedagogy could be.

Muska's work in pedagogy is original. He discovered a universal and unifying theory of instruction. He discovered the principal factor that not only explains the structure and function of teaching but that differentiated one teaching approach from another – decision making. Muska discovered the science in the art of teaching.