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This page is a replica of the original version of the website, and will be updated soon to include interactive tools to help you sort through all available resources, by name, type of file, date, etc.. (Click the icon below to get Adobe Reader for free.)

The Institute is continuously updating this Spectrum research section. You are cordially invited to submit your published or unpublished Spectrum articles for consideration of inclusion on this page. For each article, designate: Author(s), Year, Title, Periodical Name, Volume/Issue, Pages and Country of Author(s). Click here to email your article information, and include a link of the article in Adobe PDF format. If your article is listed below, and we do not have a linked PDF file, please submit a link to the file.

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  • Hall, T.J., & McCullick, B. (2002). Discover, design, and invent: Divergent production. Teaching Elementary Physical Education. 13(2), 22-24. (United States).
  • Harrison, J.M., Fellingham, G.W., Buck, M.M., & Pellett, T.L. (1995). Effects of practice and command styles on rate of change in volleyball performance and self-efficacy of high-, medium-, and low-skilled learners. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education. 14, 328-339. (United States).
  • Harrison, J.M., Preece, L.A., Blackmore, C.L., Richards, R.P., Wilkinson, C., & Fellingham, G.W. (1999). Effects of two instructional models – skill teaching and mastery learning – on skill development, knowledge, self-efficacy and game play in volleyball. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education. 19, 34-57. (United States).
  • Hein, V., & Kivimets, M. (2000). The effects of two styles of teaching and teachers qualification on motor skill performance of the cartwheel. Acta Kinesiologiae Universitatis Tartuensis. 5, 67-78. (Estonia).
  • Hewitt, M., Ashworth, S., and Edwards, K. (2010). Instrument for collecting coaches’ self-identified beliefs in relation to the teaching styles they use during coaching sessions throughout the year. (Australia). [View PDF]
  • Hewitt, M. & Edwards, K. (2011). Self-identified teaching styles of junior development and club professional tennis coaches in Australia. ITF Coaching and Sport Science Review. 55, 6-8. (Australia). [View PDF]
  • Hewitt, M. & Edwards, K. (2013). Observed Teaching Styles of Junior Development and Club Professional Tennis Coaches in Australia. (Australia) [View PDF]
  • Hurwitz, D. (1985). A model for the structure of instructional strategies. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education. 4, 190-201. (United States).
  • Hurwitz, D. (1986). Application of the Hurwitz instructional strategy model to Mosston’s Spectrum of styles. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education. 5, 176-184. (United States).
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