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This page is a replica of the original version of the website, and will be updated soon to include interactive tools to help you sort through all available resources, by name, type of file, date, etc.. (Click the icon below to get Adobe Reader for free.)

The Institute is continuously updating this Spectrum research section. You are cordially invited to submit your published or unpublished Spectrum articles for consideration of inclusion on this page. For each article, designate: Author(s), Year, Title, Periodical Name, Volume/Issue, Pages and Country of Author(s). Click here to email your article information, and include a link of the article in Adobe PDF format. If your article is listed below, and we do not have a linked PDF file, please submit a link to the file.

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  • Kolovelonis, A., & Goudas, M. (2012). Students’ recording accuracy in the reciprocal and the self-check teaching styles in physical education. Educational Research and Evaluation, 18, 733-747. (Greece). [View PDF]
  • Kolovelonis, A., Goudas , M., & Gerodimos, V. (2011). The effects of the reciprocal and the self-check styles on pupils’ performance in primary physical education. European Physical Education Review. 17, 35-50. (Greece).
  • Krug, D. (1998). Mosston’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles: A new vision!. Education for Life. 126-129. (Brazil). [View PDF]
  • Krug, D. (1999). Mosston’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles: A new vision. Paper presented at the meeting of the AIESEP World Sport Science Congress, Education for Life, Jyväskylä, Finland. (Brazil).
  • Kulinna, P.H., & Cothran, D.J. (2003). Physical education teachers' self-reported use and perceptions of various teaching styles. Learning and Instruction. 13, 597-609. (United States). [View PDF]
  • Kulinna, P.H., & Cothran, D.J., & Zhu, W. (2000). Teachers' experiences with and perceptions of Mosston's Spectrum: How do they compare with students?. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA.. (United States).
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