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This page is a replica of the original version of the website, and will be updated soon to include interactive tools to help you sort through all available resources, by name, type of file, date, etc.. (Click the icon below to get Adobe Reader for free.)

The Institute is continuously updating this Spectrum research section. You are cordially invited to submit your published or unpublished Spectrum articles for consideration of inclusion on this page. For each article, designate: Author(s), Year, Title, Periodical Name, Volume/Issue, Pages and Country of Author(s). Click here to email your article information, and include a link of the article in Adobe PDF format. If your article is listed below, and we do not have a linked PDF file, please submit a link to the file.

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  • Lachman, O. (2012). The use of command style in the reeducation course in the water environment for children with ADHD. Journal Telesná Výchova a Sport Mladeze (Physical Education and Sport of the Youth). 78 (2), 37–44. In Czech with English abstract. (Czech Republic). [View PDF]
  • LeBlanc, H. (2006). . Le Spectre des styles d’enseignement. Les Editions C&C, North Hathley, Quebec. French translation of teaching physical education 5th ed.. www.editionscc.com.
  • Lee, A.M., & Solmon, M.A (1992). Cognitive concepts of teaching and learning motor skills. Quest. 44, 57-71. (United States).
  • Lin, C. & Chou, H. (2008). The development of “Students’ Perceptions of Teaching Styles Scale” based on Mosston’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles. Physical Education Journal. 41(4), 91-104. In Chinese with English abstract. (Taiwan). [View PDF]
  • Liu, P. (1997). An experimental proof of Mosston reciprocal style in the teaching of physical education and sports at common institutions of high learning. Journal of Guangzhou Physical Education Institute. 17(1), 78-81. (China).
  • Liukkonen, J., Auweele, Y.V., Vereijken, B., Alfermann, D., & Theodorakis, Y. (2007). . Psychology for physical educators: Student in focus. (2nd ed.), Champaign IL: Human Kinetics. (Finland).
  • Locke, L. (1967). On understanding Mosston, circa 1967. Teachers College, Columbia University. (United States). [View PDF]
  • Locke, L. (1970). The workshop that worked. Journal of Health Physical Education and Recreation. 41(6), 19-21. (United States). [View PDF]
  • Locke, L. (1977). Research on teaching physical education: New hope for a dismal science. Quest. 28, 2-16. (United States).
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