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NEWS / Spectrum Study-Sabbatical 2009

Spectrum Study-Sabbatical 2009Posted 2946 Day ago:

2009 was a very busy year for international collaboration. Although the number of colleagues this year was small, the duration of the visits were lengthy and the study sessions were intense. Dr. Hüseyin Coşkun from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey arrived in the USA for close to a five month study-sabbatical. He had the pleasure of staying primarily in Laramie, Wyoming and studying with Spectrum colleague Dr. Mark Byra, University of Wyoming. Dr. Coşkun participated in Dr. Byra's semester course on the Spectrum. Besides sharing pedagogical knowledge, Hüseyin was introduced to American university life and college football. He even attended the team's practices. The mountains and abundance of snow were not an obstacle nor did they prevent him from riding his bike everywhere - even during the snow storms. This study-sabbatical provided both Mark and Hüseyin with opportunities for cultural exchange and sharing of Spectrum knowledge.

In addition to Wyoming, Hüseyin visited Dr. Sara Ashworth in Florida for a very intense week of Spectrum study. Dr. Coşkun's dissertation addressed the issue in the Self-Check Style-D of novices providing self-assessment when learning a new complex task. This dissertation is a very innovative and interesting study in that it examined single episode learning sessions and tested the Spectrum's assumption that the Self-Check Style is not appropriate for novices to practice complex physical movement tasks unless they have some kind of visual recording of their performance from which to recall and compare their performance to the model. Hüseyin's study was well designed and innovative and its conclusion suggested that, with visual verification and written checklists of anticipated performance expectation, accurate self-checking by novices is possible in the Self-Checking Style.

Dr. Nikolaos Digelidis, University of Thessalyin Trikala, Greece, spent three and a half months in the USA on a study-sabbatical that focused on visiting many Spectrum colleagues at different universities and observing how each used and implemented the Spectrum within their departments. The Spectrum hosts included: Dr. Mark Byra, University of Wyoming; Drs. Sue Mueller and Caroline Kuchinski of East Stroudsburg University; Dr. Fran Cleland of West Chester University; and Dr. Sara Ashworth, Spectrum Institute in both Florida and in Maryland. Additionally, he participated and interacted with many additional Spectrum colleagues who attended the AIESEP Specialist Symposium hosted by Dr. John Todorovich at the University of West Florida. One such colleague was Dr. Howard Zeng from Brooklyn College, CUNY. He is a longtime supporter and friend of the Spectrum. Dr. Digelidis observed that each institution had different conditions, but each integrated the Spectrum theory into their program. What was common among each institution was the important role the Spectrum had as the unifying pedagogical theory. In East Stroudsburg University, Drs. Mueller and Kuchinski have created a teacher education program that embraces the Spectrum as the pedagogical undergraduate theory. They have also designed classroom supervision of students and workshops for classroom teachers so they will be informed about Spectrum theory as they observe their PE university students. This common knowledge base has minimized the idiosyncratic feedback that is too often given to young students.

Nikos even managed to visit Washington, DC and New York City!