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NEWS / NASPE Teacher of the Year Workshop June 2007

Thirteen people attended a conference sponsored by SporTime at the Spectrum Institute in Buckeystown, Maryland. The goal of the conference was to offer alternative teaching support to the newly elected NASPE Teachers of the Year (TOYs) as they prepared their workshop lessons. Drs. Sue Mueller and Caroline Kuchinski, from East Stroudsburg University, Fran Cleland, from West Chester University, and Sara Ashworth, from the Spectrum Institute and Florida Atlantic University, coordinated the event. Each TOY has a yearlong responsibility to conduct various presentations and workshops integrating NASPE standards into the workshop lessons. Successfully implementing NASPE standards requires teachers to implement a range of teaching styles. The conference introduced teachers to the notion of the Spectrum's alternative teaching styles from Command to Discovery.

The following TOYs participated:

Nancy Rud Gordon - National Adapted
Ulrike Kerstges - Elementary District
Cindy Lins - 2005 Elementary
Maggie Montefeltri - Middle School District
Emily Pharez - National MS
Pam Powers - SporTime Sales Rep
Susan Schultz - Middle School District
Lynn Srull - Middle School District
Linda Tippeconnie - Middle School District
Deb Walter - National HS

Special thanks go to Billy Gober and Pam Powers from SporTime and Diane Raynes from NASPE for their participation and support in organizing this conference.