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NEWS / 1st SITL Conference March 2007

1st SITL Conference March 2007Posted 3953 Day ago:

The first project organized by the newly created Spectrum Institute was a three-day conference for North American physical educators. Twenty-two veteran and new generation Spectrum colleagues from across the U.S. and Canada participated in this conference at the Institute's new center in Buckeystown, Maryland. The agenda included presentations about Spectrum issues in research and scholarship, teacher education, implementation practices from veteran Spectrum colleagues, and discussions on the future of physical education and the role of the Spectrum. Conversation also included the direction and focus for the Institute's future role and activities in continuing to establish a Spectrum international community. Our first Spectrum website was introduced. As a result of our discussions, the following list of projects were produced for future Spectrum Institute development:

  1. Archival projects to preserve old Spectrum papers and videos
  2. Web site
  3. Video production including:
    • A tribute to Muska Mosston
    • Theory overview
    • Individual style episodes
    • Classroom episodes
    • Subject matter episodes
  4. Production of online courses
  5. Research Issues
    • Identification of relevant topics for research
    • Research to show the integration among other ideas in education to the Spectrum
  6. Organize individual and group conferences
    • Maryland
    • Florida
  7. Publications
    • Obtain the copyright for Teaching Physical Education
    • Provide an online edition of Teaching Physical Education to reduce the cost and the wait time for obtaining this text
    • Publish the new edition of the Spectrum book that is directed to all fields, not just physical education
  8. Tutorial opportunities for study
    • Create short-term and long-term opportunities for Spectrum study at the center for teaching
      • Graduate student opportunities
      • National and international colleagues

The participants included: Sara Ashworth-Lankler (Spectrum Institute), Beth Buekema (Johnson and Wales University), Mark Byra (University of Wyoming), Fran Cleland Donnelly (West Chester University), Matthew Curtner-Smith (University of Alabama), Michele DiCorcia (Rowan University), Arnold Dort (Rowan University), Phil Gerney (Cheltenham, PA schools), Billy Gober (Sportime Inc.), Cindy Gober (Sportime Inc.), Mike Goldberger (James Madison University), John Helion (West Chester University), Caroline Kuchinski (East Stroudsburg University), Hugues LeBlanc (Universite d’Sherbrooke), Bob Martin (Salisbury State University), Peter Rattigan (Rowan University), Vincent Saele (Johnson and Wales University). In addition to veteran Spectrum folks, the following graduate students also attended: Kanae Haneishi (Smith College), Jon Mungen (University of Wisconsin), Yoonsin Oh (University of Wisconsin). It was a wonderful weekend that included scholarship, camaraderie, and gourmet food!

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