Prof. Dario Colella


Dario Colella


University of Foggia



The study of teaching styles is, in my opinion, a highly interesting area of methodological and psycho- pedagogical research. Teaching and learning motor skills is the nucleus of the student's educational process, in and out of school. Theoretical analysis and practical application of the Spectrum of teaching styles (Mosston & Ashworth) are an essential part of the University curriculum on the teaching of motor competences in childhood. The relationships and mediation between the child's motor, cognitive, emotional, and social development, and the promotion of proper habits of daily physical activity for children and adolescents, are favored by the practical application of the various teaching styles. The relationships between teaching styles, and the choice of appropriate content, make it possible to attain a variety of goals in sport and physical education, and to foster interdisciplinary relations in primary and secondary school.

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