The Cognitive channel refers to the development of our thinking capacities

The Cognitive channel refers to the development of our thinking capacities. Thinking is the motherboard for our learning.  All learning “goes through” the motherboard and what we know about thinking determines how we think. A workable classroom framework about cognition involves the following topics.  Cognition occurs in three basic processes: memory, discovery, creativity.  The variety and richness of cognition relies on the acquisition of multiple specific cognitive operations in each thinking process.  Each cognitive operation has a specific definition that identifies a specific cognitive function and it is the cognitive operations that triggers the learning process of each activity; therefore, understanding the role of the different processes and the cognitive operations is critical in teaching for learning.  Additional topics are necessary such as the awareness of the ability to think in two paths-convergent path and a divergent path.  Like the motherboard the more precise we are in identifying our cognitive intent the easier it is to engage in the intended experience. 


The following list is a random selection of attributes teachers have used to focus on cognitive development in the classroom.


All attributes in the cognitive developmental channel refer to the development of our thinking capacity.

Develop and practice

  • Initiation and completion skills
  • Risk-taking skills so that new ideas can be produced
  • Tolerance for those who demonstrate risk-taking skills
  • Cognitive courtesy
  • Tolerate unfamiliar and different ideas
  • Anticipate consequences before acting
  • Assess the effect of one's actions on others to places and on events before acting
  • Accept consequences of cognitive actions before acting


  • Saying whatever one thinks
  • Intolerance and judgment of ideas of others
  • Mental control of others which impedes their capacities to think

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