The Financial channel refers to the development of financial reasoning and the development of a financial competence level that allows the learner a maximum amount of independence within their capacity.

This category, as well as technology, is not an intrinsic Developmental Channels. Our individual dependence and reliance on finances requires people to examine the role finances play to the future advancement of a society. A society’s development is stalled if there is not minimum independence and competence by its citizens to make basic life skills decisions.  Without minimum competence in decision making, employment and the opportunities for, minimal to maximum, financial independence are impossible.  The nine decisions of Practice Style-B are the beginning of a path that develops independence. Competence in the nine decisions allow the beginning development for independence in work. Work environments require a variety of relationships and each relationship requires a different set of decision-making skills. Each Spectrum teaching style emphasizes a different skill level of independence which are needed in various work environments.  A healthy society needs citizens who are decision makers, so they can begin a journey to personal and financial independent and avoid becoming the responsibility of the society. Although there are other external factors that affect financial independence, it is imperative that individuals develop adequate competence in various attributes along the Developmental Channels.

The list of attributes that various teachers have infused into the classroom while teaching mindfulness will be included in an upcoming text.

The attributes along the Development Channels focus on the humanity in teaching.

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