Learner Initiated Style-J

This is not a whole class teaching experience; rather this style acknowledges individual learner’s motivation and cognitive desire to design his/her own learning experience. This style provides learners, who independently initiate a request, an opportunity to pursue the complexities inherent in making all decisions in the pre-impact, impact, and post-impact.


The defining characteristic of the Learner-Initiated Style is individual learner initiation and desire to produce his/her own learning experience. The learner, among other decisions, decides the learning intent, objectives, procedures, the logistics, and assessment criteria, etc., The learner periodically informs and up-dates the teacher as decisions are made. The teacher is not judgmental; rather the teacher’s role is to ask questions for clarification with the intention of leading the student to examine omitted decisions or to reinforce decision made. 

The Anatomy

In the Learner-Initiated Style, the role of the learner (L) is to independently initiate this style’s behavior and make all the decisions in the pre-impact, including which teaching–learning behaviors will be used in the impact and create the criteria decisions for the post-impact assessment of the experience. Provided the teacher is qualified in the subject matter, the teacher’s (T) role is to accept the learner’s readiness to make maximum decisions in the learning experience, to be supportive, and to participate according to the learner’s requests.

anatomy of style image

*The arrows represent the decision shifts from the Learner Designed Individual Program Style-I to the Learner Initiated Style-J.

Subject Matter Objectives

When Learner-Initiated Style is achieved, the following subject matter objectives are emphasized:

  • Chooses to initiate a learning experience to discover, create, and develop ideas in an area of his/her choice
  • Chooses to initiate a multifaceted learning experience
  • Sets standards of performance and evaluation on one's own
  • Others

Behavior Objectives

When Learner-Initiated style is achieved, the following behavioral objectives are emphasized:

  • Chooses to be independent
  • Chooses to challenge him/herself by assuming the responsibilities for creating his/her learning experience
  • Has a need to go beyond the boundaries of the activities presented to the rest of the class.
  • To provide opportunities for individuals to be self-directed
  • Others

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