The Social channel refers to development of social and interactive skills

Girl playing on the seesaw with her friends

The Social channel refers to development of social and interactive skills. Interactive skills direct all social relationships regardless of the number of people within the interactions. Numerous skills are included within this domain; however, the following are central to social interactions:

  1. Communication relies on a variety of verbal behavior skills.  For example: awareness of word choice and the effect it has in interaction with others, feedback skills, presentation skills, etc.

  2. Teamwork relies on cooperation, manners that invite participation, asking and listening skills, negotiation and compromise, individual accountability to group objectives, willingness to assist others and contribute to the direction of the task, group acknowledgment and praise, etc. 

Attributes, not intrinsic to specific styles, can be infused into any teaching style based on individual student needs, content needs, or logistical needs. The following list is a random selection of attributes that various teachers have infused into the classroom. 


The social domain is activated whenever one person interacts with another. This interaction could occur in any mode: face-to-face, written, speaking, video, film, etc.

Develop Ability to: 

  • Acknowledge that other have rights
  • Display patience and tolerance of differences
  • Know when to follow social norms
  • Participate in group activities
  • Accept consequences of social actions
  • Maintain integrity
  • Acknowledge others' good works and actions
  • Exhibit empathy
  • Resist peer pressures
  • Exercise
    • Sharing
    • Patience
    • Taking turns
    • Sense of humor
    • Etc
  • Etc. 


  • Taking advantage
  • Negative, hurtful or abusive behaviors or actions to others

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