The Sexuality channel refers to development of an individual’s sexual maturity not limited to physical development.

The content presented in sex-education classes refers primarily to the physical.  The proposition presented here is that sex is not isolated or restricted to only the physical developmental channel. The subject matter associated with sex should be an examination about how we think-how we think about varying degrees of intimacy and how we think about others.  This thinking must include discussions about each Developmental Channel and its profound influence in developing our attitude, habits, feelings and thinking about sex, other people, about our responsibilities and the implications of our decisions. Sex is never just physical; it is always the sum total of a variety of selected attributes that we choose on each Developmental Channel.  The MeToo movement is evidence that our current society needs serious conversations about the meaning of consent, the asking of permission, the difference between impaired consent, unconscious consent, mutual consent, and the role of personal control, responsibility and accountability, respect of one’s body and the bodies of others.  We need conversations that reestablishes a sexual code of conduct that is acceptable in a civilized society.  Sex is more than a physical act; our sexual conduct reflects our humanity. 

The list of attributes that various teachers have infused into the classroom while teaching mindfulness will be included in an upcoming text. 

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