The Physical channel refers to psychomotor development

A teacher in a classroom talking to his students

The Physical channel refers to psychomotor development which includes two focal points:

  1. physical development that defines the field of physical education—strength, agility, balance, etc. 

  2. physical development that shapes our personal awareness of our physical self -- appearance, facial expressions, Body movements, etc.

The physical attributes representative of this channel are always present in the classroom. Attributes, not intrinsic to specific styles, can be infused into any teaching style based on individual student needs, content needs, or logistical needs. The following are a random selection of attributes that various teachers have infused into the classroom in a variety of situations.



The physical domain expresses our capacities and limitations with our physical identity, including our comfort level, expressive level, security level and our joy or lack of joy, our awareness or lack of awareness with our physical reality.

The physical domain is also the foundation for the field of physical education.  Developing the intrinsic and fundamental capabilities and capacities of the human body are represented by the development of:


  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Accuracy
  • Coordination
  • Etc.

The following list is a random selection of attributes teachers have used to focus on physical development in the classroom.

Develop Ability to:  

  • Control impulses
  • Practice healthy habits
  • Carry out physical protocol
  • Follow safety procedures
  • Accept physical differences in others
  • Accept consequences of physical actions
  • Monitor and select appropriate interpersonal connections through
    • Facial expressions
    • Body movements
    • Posture
    • Eye contact
    • Etc. 


Actions or decisions that physically harm oneself or others 

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