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Grant Program

The Spectrum Institute for Teaching and Learning (SITL) funds six research grants annually specific to research conducted around the Spectrum of Teaching Styles. Each recipient of a SITL research grant will receive a financial award to conduct a proposed research study. The purpose of these research grants is to promote and enhance scholarship in relation to the theoretical constructs of the Spectrum of Teaching Styles. Studies may be conducted in any school subject-matter area (e.g., physical education, elementary classroom, secondary mathematics, etc.). The selection of the grant recipients is a competitive process. All application materials must be completed in English.

Application Process

Complete the Application Form as per the instructions provided.  In addition, include a 1-page cover letter in which you introduce yourself, identify the eligibility category of the grant for which you are applying, and provide a short description of your current research endeavors.  It must be in 12-point Times New Roman font. 

Download Application Form

Application Deadline

Applications are closed for 2022. We will reopen this for 2023 applications at the end of the year.  

Requirements of Grant Awardees

  • The financial award associated with each successful grant applicant will be made payable to the principal researcher’s university/institution.  All such universities/institutions must have an established Institutional Review Board (IRB) and a Grants/Contracts Office or other office accountable for financial tracking and reporting.
  • IRB  approval and informed consent for  human subjects/partici pants documentation must  be  submitted to the  SITL (name of  Board Member  serving on the committee  and email address)  for  grant awardees prior  to release  of funds from the  SITL.
  • A final written report that includes a  revised version of  the original abstrac summary of  findings, and the final budget must be et, a mailed to the Chair of the Review  Committee  by December 30,  2022.   In addition, a short audio presentation (34 minutes) of  the study must be e-- video mailed to the Chair of  the Review Committee.  The final written report will  be  posted on the SITL  Facebook  page  and website  to promote  the Spectrum Research Grant  Program and its recipients.
  • All unexpended funds must be returned to the  SITL in full within 60 days of submission of the final written report.
  • All written documents including publications and presentation materials, and print and electronic  communications that result  from the  succ essful funding of this research study  must  include  the following statement (acknowledgement)  or  a  similar statement: “This work was supported by funds received from the Spectrum Institute of Teaching and Learning, Spectrum Research Grant Program.

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Outstanding Journal Publication of the Year Award

The SITL Outstanding Journal Publication of the Year honors individuals who make a distinctive scholarly contribution to the Spectrum of Teaching Styles. The purpose of this award is to promote and enhance exemplary Spectrum scholarship.

Nomination Criteria

Nominated articles must be:

  • published in a peer reviewed (refereed) scholarly journal;
  • specific to the Spectrum of Teaching Styles;
  • published during the calendar year identified;
  • written in English; and
  • reflective of a high level of scholarship.

Award Recipient

The recipient(s) of the award will receive $1,000, payable to the recipient’s university/institution.  This award may be spent on academic-related activities.


Nominations are invited from the research and teaching profession.  Authors are allowed to nominate themselves.  Nominated articles must have been published in 2021.  Nominations are open until March 1, 2022.  A nomination must include the following information: (a) author name(s) and affiliation(s); (b) title of the article; (c) journal title, volume, issue, and page numbers; and (d) a link to or pdf of the published article.  Please e-mail your nomination(s) to the chair of the selection committee, Mark Byra (  Articles deemed not to promote/enhance scholarship specific to the theoretical constructs of the Spectrum of Teaching Styles will be rejected without review.

Criteria of Evaluation

  1. Significance of topic to the Spectrum of Teaching Styles
  2. Theoretical framework and quality of methods employed (for data-based articles) OR logical, clear presentation of conceptual ideas/arguments posed (for theoretical/conceptual articles)
  3. Quality of discussion or interpretation
  4. Potential to impact the field
  5. Clarity of writing

Nomination Deadline

Nominations are closed and will be reopened in the future.

View Our Previous Outstanding Journal Publication of the Year Award Winners

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