Self Teaching Style-K

This style does not exist in the school; additionally, it is independent of any classroom teacher. This style’s developmental opportunities are governed by the individual implementing the experience. The success in accomplishing the intended objectives rely on the tenacity, motivation, and knowledge of the individual to construct one's own learning experience.


The defining characteristic of the Self-Teaching Style is the passion, motivation, and tenacity of an individual to accept the decision-making roles of both teacher and learner.  The content selected is determined by the individual and the rationale and process used to identify the objectives of the experience are made by the individual. 

The Anatomy

In the Self-Teaching Style, the individual learner (L) assumes the roles of both teacher and learner and makes all the decisions in the pre-impact, impact, and post-impact sets.  This experience is guided by the motives, interests and curiosity of the individual.

anatomy of style image

*The arrows represent the decision shifts from the Learner Initiated Style-J to the Self-Teaching Style-K.

Behavior Objectives

Self-Teaching Style is motivated by the objectives that the individual has established. The internal logic of the Spectrum framework leads to the realization that it is, indeed, possible for a person to make all decisions for him/herself. This behavior is outside the reality of the classroom. It is not initiated or assigned by a teacher, rather it is self-initiated.  


This style is NOT reserved for only the Leonardo da Vinci’s or Edison’s. It could be for any person who fathoms the intricacies of a complex hobby, an individual who is fascinated by and driven to know something, or a scientist who is propelled to understand the unknown. It could be for any person who is bold enough to push back boundaries, tenacious enough to endure obstacles, and mantic enough to march to a different drummer.


This style does not always produce content that contributes to society or adds beauty.  Self-teaching experiences can produce chaos and destruction. School shootings are the most painful example of destructive self-teaching experiences.  Each of these tragic events were self-designed and each had a Self-teaching decision making anatomy. Detailed decisions were made about the intent, the procedures, the sequence, and even a criterion for success. 


This comment reinforces the fact that the Spectrum styles are devoid of value.  No style is inherently good or bad.  The idiosyncrasies of the teacher and the content selection are the variables that can influence the worthwhileness of the experience.  

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