Guided Discovery Style-F

Content reinforces logical and sequential thinking. A series of questions are designed that sequentially lead a learner to discover a specific targeted predetermined concept, principle, relationship or rule not previously known.


The defining characteristic of this style is the carefully crafted series of questions that lead learners to discover a predetermined response.  The teacher’s skill in designing a series of logically sequenced question that gradually lead the learner to the anticipated target is the crux of this style.  If students do not reach the target, the questions need to be reexamined. 

The Anatomy

In the Guided Discovery Style, the role of the teacher is to make all pre-impact decisions including the subject matter’s target concept and the sequential questions that lead to the target answer and all logistical decisions. The role of the learner is to link different elements of the subject mater in each question to logically discover the predetermined concept, principle, relationship, or rule. 

anatomy of style image

*The arrows represent the decision shifts from the Inclusion Style-E to the Guided Discovery Style-F.

Subject Matter Objectives

When the Guided Discovery Style is achieved, the following subject matter objectives are emphasized:

  • To discover the interconnection of steps within a given task
  • To discover the "target" the concept, principle, rule
  • To experience a step-by-step discovery process and develop sequential discovery skills that logically lead to broader concepts
  • Others

Behavior Objectives

When the Guided Discovery Style is achieved, the following behavioral objectives are emphasized:

  • To cross the discovery threshold
  • To engage the learner in the discovery of concepts and principles representing convergent thinking
  • To engage the learner in a precise cognitive relationship between the stimulus (given by the teacher or surrogate) and discovered response
  • To teach both teacher and learner about cognitive economy - i.e., using minimal, accurate, and logical steps to get to a target
  • To develop an effective and affective climate conducive to engagement in the act of discovery
  • To provide the learner with the moment of "Eureka"
  • Others

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