Dr. Laura Blitzer


Laura Blitzer


CUNY / Brooklyn College


United States

I emerged from my undergraduate degree (BS in Physical Education) with what I came to discover was a fairly limited instructional practice repertoire. When I started my teaching career, I learned that my students needed more than my telling them what to do and how to do it based on my narrow model of practice. After returning to school to pursue graduate education in teaching and curriculum development, I had my eyes opened to the Spectrum of Styles. The real relief I felt about being able to comfortably find new ways to present material that would support my students - all of them - in myriad ways was genuine. More importantly, my student's had greater success and achievement and satisfaction with their own performances. The personal awareness that the Spectrum supports for all involved in the learning process is rich and I wish I had known of it during my time as an undergraduate student. When I became a college level instructor, I knew that part of my instructional mission was to expose MY undergrads to the merits of Spectrum Styles sooner rather than later. While I understand the gravitation toward command style practice, the ability to move along the Spectrum early in one's career bodes well and beautifully for success in all PE settings.

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