Dircema Krug, PhD

Professor (Retired)

Dircema Krug


Associação Educacional Luterana Bom Jesus / IELUSC




Metodologia do Ensino de Educação Física ISBN-10: 8524915412, Natação. Aprendendo Para Ensinar ISBN-10: 8541101207

I first learned of the Spectrum of Teaching Styles in 1979 when my husband was pursuing his Master’s Degree. I began to study it in depth and also experienced it with my own students in 1980. It was later on, in 1988, that I met Muska in a workshop that took place in Pelotas/RS/Brazil. He mentioned that he was impressed with my work in the Spectrum. I used the Spectrum as a base theory for my doctoral thesis and have also published a 2008 Spectrum book in Portuguese.

Muska taught me a lot about teaching as well as how to be more patient and to always accept that there are different ways of looking at things. I am grateful to my family and to my students, but above all to Muska for a beautiful relationship that went on for years. Even though I have retired from the University, I still have a strong belief in the power of the Spectrum to make teachers and students better. I know I have become a better person because of it. Muska, I want you to know that Spectrum works and it plays a role in every day of my life!

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