Alberto Cruz, EdD


Alberto Cruz


Hong Kong Institute of Education


Hong Kong


Research & Promotion of Mosston's Spectrum of Teaching Style in Hong Kong ISBN: 9 789981 812802

As a physical education teacher educator working in the Hong Kong Institute of Education, I have been responsible for teaching physical education curriculum and methodologies. After attending an International Physical Education Conference in 2002, I find Spectrum of Teaching Styles is important to physical education teachers. I and my colleague Dr. LI Chung decided to include Spectrum of Teaching Styles in our teaching in physical education curriculum and methodologies and shared these teaching ideas with our physical education student teachers. Besides, we started to invite in-service physical education teachers to implement different Spectrum Teaching Styles and disseminated their experiences and learning outcomes to other schoolteachers in physical education professional development programs in Hong Kong. In the past years, we also conducted different research studies concerning Spectrum of Teaching Styles and shared our findings with other physical education colleagues. We hope all Hong Kong physical education teachers can well equip and implement different Spectrum Teaching Styles in their teaching.

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