Athanasios Kolovelonis, PhD

Physical Education Teacher

Athanasios Kolovelonis


University of Thessaly



It was 1998 when I first read the Greek version of the Spectrum book. One year later, working as a physical education teacher in an elementary school, I started experimenting with some of the Spectrum ideas in my effort to develop my teaching styles repertoire. A more systematic involvement with the Spectrum was in 2004 while I was preparing my master thesis. I had to implement a life skills program (i.e., goal setting and self-talk) in conjunction with a physical fitness program using the practice style, the reciprocal style and the self-check style of teaching. Some years later, designing my PhD dissertation under the supervision of professor Marios Goudas, the Spectrum was again in my way. Working on the Zimmerman’s social cognitive models of self-regulated learning, we hypothesized that the use of the reciprocal and the self-check styles would fit with the teaching requirements of the emulation and the self-control levels of self-regulation. Indeed, a relative research confirmed our hypothesis (Kolovelonis, Goudas, & Gerodimos, 2011). In another research effort, we examined students’ accuracy when they used the reciprocal and the self-check styles and we found moderate levels of accuracy (Kolovelonis & Goudas, 2012). Currently, as a member of the teaching staff of the local sport and physical education department, I am involved with the spectrum and supervising physical education students to implement student-centered teaching styles during their practicum.

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