Dimitrios Mizios, PhD

Public High School Teacher, Professional Tennis Coach

Dimitrios Mizios


Larissa Public High School, Nikaia Tennis Club



I am a Physical Education Teacher in a Public High School in Larissa, Greece. I am also a professional tennis coach in Nikaia Tennis Club of Larissa working with students and athletes of all ages, abilities and levels. Thank God, I feel blessed working as a teacher, having the opportunity to share my knowledge, beliefs, experience and feelings with people of different cultures, backgrounds and race.

Education aims to influence humanity; therefore, pedagogy serves as the foundation to deliberately influence human development through teaching. The Spectrum of Teaching Styles offers a unifying theory about teaching.

Although the Spectrum theory was first introduced by Muska Mosston in 1966, it has remained an influential theory for me, in physical education and sport, because of its universal and comprehensive framework. This systemic framework embraces and shows the relative position of new ideas and provides a rationale for predicting teaching and learning events.

That's why I preferred choosing the Spectrum theory for my Masters thesis. In 2007, I presented it in the Spectrum of Teaching Styles workshop at the 1st International Spectrum Symposium: A Reunion and a Review, in Halkidiki, Greece. Speaking and listening with Sara, Nikos (my supervisor in Masters), Mark, Fran, Caroline, Suzanne and all the others participants, I am convinced that the Spectrum theory serves all principles and goals of high quality physical education. For me, the Spectrum theory is the most applicable theory in the history of physical education ever. I realize it in all my daily activities, both in school and the tennis club.

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