Mihye Cho, PhD


Mihye Cho


Inha University


Korea, Republic of


Translation into Korean: Teaching Physical Education 5th Edition

About 25 years ago in 1983, I encountered Mosston's Spectrum book for the first time when I was a graduate student in Seoul National University (SNU) in South Korea. At the time, it was hard to get foreign (international) books because we were not familiar with using the internet, especially as a means to obtain the books. However, Dr. Kang, a professor in SNU, recommended that graduate students get Mosston's book ("Teaching Styles in PE") which I remembered was either the first or second edition. I was so fascinated that I read the entire book. At that time, A style or command style, was the only one known in Korea, although Mosston already introduced A – E styles in the book. So, I have never heard of other teaching styles that were able to apply to physical education classes in Korea. Therefore, those various other teaching styles mentioned in Mosston's book were extremely attractive to me. The philosophy of spectrum is that the teaching style could be divided according to "Decision Making"; this was a fresh and creative idea to me.

After finishing my doctoral degree, I began teaching in a university. When I had a class for graduate students, I started to use Mosston's book in my class. My students were as interested as I had been in the contents of this book. During the entire semester the students and I were enthusiastic to study and discuss the contents together. However, the students had a very hard time reading and understanding the book in English, which was a foreign language. Finally, I decided that I needed to translate the book into the Korean language for my students. So, in 2004 my colleagues (Hyeonja Hwang, Jeongae You, Yunhee Kim, & Heejin Choi) and I translated the book. It has since been used for undergraduate and graduate students in many physical education departments in Korea. In particular, Mosston's teaching styles have been often referred to as important questions for the teacher certificate test, thus the book I translated has been read for a long time by students who want to be teachers. I hope that I will continuously introduce and provide Mosston's teaching style as a proper approach for Korean physical education teachers.


Mosston's Spectrum book is translated from English to Korean by Mihye Cho and colleagues. Korean publisher contact information is: www.daehanmedia.com

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