Hung-Shih Chou, EdD

Former president of National Taiwan Sport University, Professor

Hung-Shih Chou


Graduate Institute of Physical Education, NTSU




Translator- Teaching Physical Education - Mandarin

I was introduced to Mosston’s spectrum of teaching styles in the course of “ Assessment in Physical Education” offered by Dr. Wilma Harrington, while studying for my master’s degree at University of Georgia in 1984.

Before that, I served as the physical education teacher at a junior high school in Taiwan for nine years. According to my teaching experiences, I believed the comprehensible Mosston’s model was suitable for Taiwan. In fact, some of the teaching styles had already been incorporated in the physical education classes in Taiwan, however, a systematic concept remained absent. The introduction of spectrum of teaching style would bring fundamental structure to the physical education field in Taiwan.

Mosston’s model received immediate attention after being introduced in Taiwan. More importantly, the importance of theories was valued more than ever. Scholars started to search or develop all kinds of theories of physical education. In sum, the introduction of Mosston’s spectrum of teaching styles have positively influenced the academic development of sport pedagogy and have contributed greatly to the practice of physical education in Taiwan.

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