Keh Nyit Chin, PhD

Sport Pedagogist

Keh  Nyit Chin


National Taiwan Normal University



 Dr. Keh Nyit Chin, PhD, is a professor of physical education Department at the National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei. Dr. Keh received her master and doctoral degrees from the Louisiana State University (LSU) at Baton Rouge. Dr. Keh has continued to be involved in research in a variety of teaching strategies in physical education teaching. She came across Mosston Teaching Spectrum in the 80s when she was a graduate student in the Department of Kinesiology, LSU. She remembered, as a Teaching Assistant for the PE Teaching Method Course, Mosston's Spectrum was introduced to the PE student teachers and it was required to practice and experiment with the different teaching styles in the practicum.

“During my years in the Department of Kinesiology, LSU, as a badminton course instructor, I found using Mosston's Reciprocal Teaching style very effective for most of my students. Until nowadays, I still practice this teaching style in many of my activity courses”.

“Over the years in Taiwan as a PETE professor and researcher, Mosston Spectrum is one of my favorite topics. Several of my graduate students have researched on Mosston teaching styles and many practiced what they had learned”.

“In 2010, as the president of Taiwan Sport Pedagogy Association and on behalf of National Taiwan Normal University, I was very honor to invite Dr. Sara Ashworth as an distinguish scholar and visiting professor to Taipei, Taiwan. During Dr. Ashworth’s 3-week stay in Taiwan, she had delivered several speeches in different universities, meeting with many graduate students and visiting schools’ PE classes, to talk about Mosston Teaching Spectrum and sharing her experience and expertise with the PE teachers and school principals”.

“One of the highlights of Dr. Ashworth’s stay was her appearance as the keynote speaker to speak for the 2010 Mosston Teaching Spectrum Conference. Almost 300 hundred participants flocked in to listen to her speech on Mosston Teaching Spectrum: The past, present and future. Many sport pedagogy researchers, PETE educators, graduate students, and PE teachers found it very inspiring and beneficial. This was the first and best opportunity for us to hear about Mosston Spectrum of Teaching Styles”.

“Up to this date, Mosston teaching styles are widely used among PE teachers in Taiwan because of the efforts of many PETE educators to include this teaching in their PE Teaching Method Course and encourage the use of Mosston teaching styles in their practice”

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