Caroline Kuchinski, EdD

Professor, Department of Health and Physical Education

Caroline  Kuchinski


East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania


United States

The Spectrum of Teaching Styles was first introduced to me during my undergraduate studies at East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania. After receiving my Bachelors of Science Degree in Health and Physical Education in 1980, I taught in the public school for ten years. It was during this time that I had the privilege to work with the one and only "Muska Mosston." Muska was hired as a one-year sabbatical leave replacement professor at East Stroudsburg University to supervise student teachers and to teach the "Spectrum of Teaching Styles." I was a cooperating teacher for whom Muska was the university supervisor. During one of Muska's visit to my school (Stroudsburg Middle School, PA), I was teaching a lesson that utilized Inclusion style to demonstrate to my student teacher. Each of the volleyball nets was slanted so students could decide the degree of difficulty in which to serve the volleyball to be successful. In addition, students also chose a developmentally appropriate distance from the net to serve the volleyball. Muska walked in the gymnasium and took one look at the net and picked me up off the ground and spun me around and shouted, "Yes! Yes! Yes! This is how Inclusion style should be done." Muska was so excited about the "slanted" nets and how students were successful in serving the volleyball. What a memorable moment in my teaching career!

About Caroline: Caroline is currently a Professor in the Dept of Health and Physical Education at ESU for fifteen years. The Spectrum of Teaching Styles is the theoretical framework for teaching and learning in the Physical Education program at East Stroudsburg University.

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