Howard Zeng, PhD

Associate Professor

Howard Zeng


Brooklyn College of the City University of New York


United States


Implementing Mosston's Teaching Styles in Physical Skill Classes ISBN: 9783848426973

I was first introduced to the Spectrum as a graduate student at Springfield College, MA in United States by Dr. Diane C. Lorenzo, a faculty member in the Physical Education department in 1999. She told the class that this is the 'bible of teaching physical education', anyone wants to become a skillful teacher must read and study it solidly. Since then I fell in love with the Spectrum. I was so passionate to study and discuss the contents and theories with the professor and classmates at that time.

After finishing my doctoral education, I began my current career as a supervisor of student teachers and teach undergraduate and graduate students in the physical education teacher education (PETE) program at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. For the last fifteen years, the Spectrum has been my essential guideline for teaching and scholarly activities. With my efforts and proposals, the Spectrum Teaching Styles in physical education has become core courses in both undergraduate and graduate PETE programs. I enjoy teaching the Spectrum courses to our teacher candidates; training them how to implement the Spectrum teaching styles into their student's teaching; and sharing views about teaching with them and their cooperating teachers, those conversations have positive impact on the teacher candidates (TC) because when all three parties share an understanding about teaching as a consequence of the central role played by the Spectrum are the most effective way to foster a TC become a skillful teacher.

I also enjoy working with graduate students who used the Spectrum as a theoretical framework to conduct their thesis. Additionally, I conduct research on teaching effectiveness in physical education, sport pedagogy, attitudes toward physical education, and physical activities in public school system. My research studies related to the Spectrum included: Learning outcomes taught by three teaching styles in college fundamental volleyball classes. Clinical Kinesiology, 63, 1-6 (2009). An examination of teaching behaviors and learning activities in physical education class settings taught by three different levels of teachers, Journal of Social Sciences, 6, 18-28 (2010).

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