Gary Barrette, EdD


Gary  Barrette


Adelphi University, Florida Atlantic University


United States


I encountered the Spectrum during my doctoral studies at Columbia University in 1971. Shortly thereafter I met Muska Mosston in New York with my doctor father William G. Anderson. We had a number of contacts after this time. After co-editing "What's Going on in Gym", the research monograph which reported on the Columbia University Data Bank Research project in 1978, I was invited to speak at the 1978 AIESEP World Congress in Magglinggen, Switzerland. It was there that I met Muska once again, but this time I also had the pleasure of meeting Sara Ashworth. From this point the three of us were good friends often meeting at conferences around the world. Since Muska's death, Sara and I have maintained close friends and often discussed her strategies for building continuing interest in the Spectrum with the help of her late husband Sandy Lankler. We now meet a few times each year since our homes on the east coast of South Florida are only 30 minutes apart. Over the past 12 years, during Dr. Bart Crum's annual March golf pilgrimage to my home in West Palm Beach, we save a day for our annual get together at Sara's wonderful home on the Jupiter inlet. Just as in the days in Magglinggen in 1978 which included discussion of the Spectrum, Sara, Bart and I always have a lively Spectrum discussion over lunch, while enjoying the beautiful water vista and the fine wine Bart always manages to bring along

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