Kenneth Edwards, PhD


Kenneth  Edwards


University of Southern Queensland



I first learned about the Spectrum as a health and physical education teacher and sought to include aspects within my teaching. After moving into tertiary teaching some years ago, I sought to provide information on teaching styles to future health and physical education teachers. It became apparent that the Spectrum had much to offer teachers with regards to meeting the aims of the curriculum documents. I had students who sought to learn more about the Spectrum and eventually had a postgraduate student (Brendan SueSee) undertake and complete a PhD using the Spectrum to look at Secondary PE teachers in Queensland, Australia. I currently have two other students using aspects of the Spectrum in their PhD studies. One student is looking at tennis coaching and the other is looking at equestrian coaching. I continue to conduct teacher preparation courses where the focus when outlining teaching styles and approaches has become more centered on the Spectrum. I believe that the Spectrum has much more to offer than other models and approaches and will continue to support and work with it.

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