Shraddha Naik, PhD

Assistant Professor

Shraddha Naik


MM's Chandrashekhar Agashe college of Physical Education


Pune, Maharashtra, India

 I came across the Spectrum around 2008. That’s when I started seriously studying it and including it in my teaching. I am a Physical Education Teacher Educator in a reputed teacher training college. I introduced the theory of Spectrum to my student-teachers in the Undergraduate Teacher Education program. We have also tried to explore the possibility of implementing the teaching styles in our phys Ed micro teaching classes and school practice teaching sessions. Additionally, we have tried to conduct several short research studies based on Spectrum's teaching style. However, I feel we need to improve our learning and understanding of Spectrum so as to bring about the expected outcomes from the studies. We are looking forward to promoting the Spectrum to a larger population of Phys Ed professionals by developing resources and study materials in our local language. I participated in the Spectrum workshop during the AIESEP conferences and was motivated to continue studying and promoting the same. I am looking forward to collaborating with other colleagues and experts and want to keep learning. 

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