Ioannis Syrmpas, PhD, PhD


Ioannis Syrmpas, PhD


Universtity of Thessally




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I was introduced to the Spectrum of Teaching Styles in 2000 when I read a Greek textbook. I then began to implement the Spectrum into both physical education and swimming. A few years later, my supervisor Nikolaos Digelidis and I decided that my dissertation should be focused on examining Greek physical education teachers and pre-service physical education teachers’ experiences with and beliefs regarding the Spectrum. We presented the findings of my dissertation during the 50th-anniversary celebration of Spectrum that took place during the AIESEP pre-conference session. Additionally, I have published several manuscripts based on the raw data collected during my postgraduate studies. The findings of my studies suggested that Greek PE teachers use a variety of teaching styles; however, they tend more frequently to rely on reproduction teaching styles. Similarly, pre-service PE teachers reported that they are keener on implementing reproduction teaching styles in the future. Therefore, curriculum designers and scholars should develop innovative teaching approaches aimed at informing PE teachers and coaches’ about the Spectrum of Teaching Styles. As a researcher of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science at the University of Thessaly, I attempt to teach my students that the Spectrum of Teaching Styles includes an array of teaching styles and that they can choose the most suitable style for addressing students’ diversity and achieving their lesson goals.

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