Dr. Kanae Haneishi

Associate Professor

Dr. Kanae Haneishi


as of August 2022 Western Colorado University


United States

Over 15 years ago, when I was a graduate student at a coaching program, Dr. Mike Goldberger visited our class and introduced The Spectrum of Teaching Styles. Following the workshop, I was fortunate enough to get invited to the Buckeystown Spectrum conference. I met so many incredible Spectrum Scholars, and I was inspired by their work. After 13 years of coaching at an intercollegiate level as a head women’s soccer coach, I made the transition to teaching at the university level. After teaching more general courses for a year, I was assigned more practical and pedagogical courses. I am extremely excited to introduce The Spectrum to my students who are future physical educators and coaches.

I strongly believe that teachers and coaches need to be able to execute different teaching/coaching styles based on the topic, the students/players, the objectives, and other aspects in teaching/coaching.  However, I do not think that many teachers and coaches have enough knowledge and experiences about different teaching styles. They continue using the same teaching/coaching styles that are comfortable for them but are not necessary the most effective teaching/coaching styles for students/players. Additionally, I believe that knowing and being able to teach/coach with different teaching/coaching styles will provide learning environment that can promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. Based on students/players backgrounds and cultures as well as other strands of oppression, teachers/coaches can deliberately choose the teaching/coaching styles and create a safe learning space where equity and inclusion are fostered, and everyone is respected and valued.

I look forward to connecting the Spectrum scholars and learning more about it so that I will be able to teach The Spectrum more effectively. I would also like to be able to conduct some research on The Spectrum.

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