Nikolaos Digelidis


Nikolaos Digelidis


University of Thessaly



I learned about the Spectrum of Teaching Styles when I was a PE teacher and encountered it again later while working on my master’s and PhD degrees. I realized from the very beginning the potential that was enclosed in the Spectrum, and the more I explored it, the more I discovered its potential and usefulness in teaching any subject at school and beyond. Knowing the Spectrum is fascinating! Understanding the Spectrum is exciting! Now, after more than two and half decades of working, exploring, teaching, and researching the Spectrum, I was honored and delighted to accept the invitation to serve as the President of the Spectrum Institute for Teaching and Learning. The Spectrum has spread to more than 100 countries, and I would be more than happy to contribute to its further growth together with a team of wonderful colleagues from around the world.

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