Robin Deng-Yau Shy


Robin Deng-Yau Shy



Muska & Sara’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles means a lot to me. In Taiwan, I received strict teacher training, but it was not until I entered the master's degree program that I came into contact with the Spectrum for the first time. It has been my lifelong pursuit to build a systematic physical education mode, and the Spectrum is the light that guides me to continue my research and self-reflection. I have been practicing the Spectrum for the past 30 years, and I have continued to dialogue with emerging concepts, hoping to continue to promote the academic and applicability of the Spectrum. At present, in addition to research, I am a professor in a teacher training institution and a physical education teacher in the education program. I hope that the beliefs of the Spectrum Institute of Teaching and Learning (SITL) and the validity of the teaching styles can continue to evolve, forming a significant influence and contribution to the global physical education teaching.

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