Wei Feng-Min


Wei Feng-Min


Assistant Professor, National Yang Ming Chiapas Tung University



The Spectrum of teaching styles is the first coherent pedagogical unity of physical education that I was introduced to when I started to learn how to teach. I continued to learn about the Spectrum while getting my Ph.D. and now utilize it in my teaching career. It is a practical guideline for teachers to develop school-based curricula and a theoretical understanding of teaching and learning. It also helps people to think about the relationships between teachers and their students. I feel fulfilled executing the Spectrum in my early career, and I am pleased to share my experience and knowledge of the Spectrum with people interested in it around the world. Now, it is my honor to serve as one of the vice-presidents on the board of the Spectrum Institute of Teaching and Learning. I will dedicate myself to continuing and improving on the research and dissemination of the Spectrum for its sustainable development in society.

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