Dr. Constantine Chatoupis

Physical Education Teacher

Constantine Chatoupis


Third Secondary School of Chania




Chatoupis, C. (2015). Διδάσκοντας τη φυσική αγωγή. Athens, ISBN 978-618-82241-0-0. (This book provides the chapters from Mosston & Ashworth's 2008 text that were not in Mountakis' (1997) Greek translation)

In 1994 I was a student at Athens University (Greece) and was assigned to translate the book "Teaching Physical Education" from English to Greek. This is how I was first introduced to Spectrum theory. By reading the book over and over again (in other words as I was becoming acquainted with the theory) I discovered that what appealed to me the most was the concept of Inclusion that this theory stresses. I am not talking about only the Inclusion style of teaching, but also about the general concept underlying the Spectrum: If a teacher can move from command to discovery, then he/she can include as many students in his/her daily lessons as possible and achieve as many objectives during a school year as possible. Over the years I have been working on this as a postgraduate student first, then as a school teacher, and later as a research assistant at Athens University. It is worth mentioning that as an undergraduate student I had the chance to meet Sara Ashworth at the Pan-Cretan conference. That meeting motivated me to work on the Spectrum more intensively: I went to England and did my doctoral on the Spectrum! During my postgraduate studies and later when I was trying to publish my research work, Sara was of great help to me. I have been e-mailing her since 1998 (!) and she was kind enough to respond and provide me with knowledge, material, and advice (we are talking about tons of e-mail messages!!!!!). For me, the Spectrum is a valuable tool to teach Physical Education and a stimulus to discover and explore brand new possibilities for research on Inclusion and for teaching the Inclusion concept in Physical Education Teacher Education programs.

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