Dr. Mark Byra


Mark Byra


University of Wyoming


United States


My “compass” as a teacher educator has been the Spectrum of Teaching Styles.  I was first introduced to the Spectrum as an undergraduate student in the mid-1970s, which then lead me to implement many of the styles in the physical education lessons I taught to my junior high students.  During the mid- to late-1980s, I was once again exposed to the Spectrum while completing my doctoral degree, but at a much deeper level.  Dr. Mike Sherman, professor, University of Pittsburgh, formally introduced me to researching the Spectrum.  Ever since, the Spectrum has served as my underlying theoretical framework for much of the research I have conducted.  This has been a journey of more than 30 years!  In addition to using the Spectrum styles in my teaching and research, I learned how the framework could be used as the foundation of a Physical Education Teacher education program.  As Mosston and Ashworth (2002) denote, “teaching-learning behaviors within the Spectrum are tools for accomplishing the various functions of education” (p. 5).  Indeed they are!  One of my greatest regrets in life is that I never met Dr. Mosston in person!  My loss!  However, I do know Sara Ashworth and have spent considerable time discussing the Spectrum with her!


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