Mr. Joss Rankin

Lecturer in Health and Physical Education

Joss Rankin


Flinders University



My introduction to ‘The Spectrum of Teaching Styles’ was during my teacher education degree at The University of South Australia. This acted as a provocation for the way I approached my teaching in both Physical Education and Outdoor Education to work towards a range of learning outcomes across the physical, cognitive, personal, social and emotional domains of learning. Engagement with ‘The Spectrum’ was reinvigorated approximately 6 years later when I began tutoring pre-service teachers and exploring how it can be applied to teach across various layers of the Australian National Curriculum through an integrated approach. My current work is in the undergraduate Physical Education teaching degree at Flinders University in which students explore ‘The Spectrum’ and how it can be applied to teaching and learning in Physical Education. Students create lessons that demonstrate examples of the use of a style and layer this understanding into a range of teaching experiences. I am very excited by how an understanding of ‘The Spectrum’ can help pre-service teachers conceptualise the range of ways in which learning can be facilitated or inspired and the implications this has on learning design. This also provides a wonderful foundation for then considering how a range of teacher qualities can also impact these experiences and be developed. 

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