Dr. Michael Goldberger

Emeritus Professor

Dr. Michael Goldberger


James Madison University


United States

I attended a seminar at the University of Pittsburgh in 1969, focusing on innovations in physical education. This workshop was repeated on several campuses across the country, with stops in Florida, California, and Pennsylvania. Several national leaders, including Joan Tillotson, Jack Stovall, Tom Evaul, and Larry Locke, were featured presenters, but the real purpose of the seminar was to introduce the nation to an exciting new voice on the horizon. Muska Mosston delivered a memorable talk on "Inclusion and Exclusion" in physical education. Each point he made was riveting. I was hooked, not so much on the man but on his ideas. The next seminar on their tour was scheduled for Philadelphia several weeks later. I attended that seminar and, as they say, the rest was history. For the next 50 years Mosston's work became at the center of my teaching and research.

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