Tarja Javanainen-Levonen

Senior Lecturer

Tarja Javanainen-Levonen


Satakunta University of Applied Sciences



Naturally – as a Finn – I did all sport related studies at the University of Jyväskylä (within years 1975 and 2009). Luckily, during Physical Education teacher training, I was introduced to the Spectrum ideas. Those days it was mainly in theory. I could bring the Spectrum ideas into practice when starting to work in the education of future health professionals in Pori, Finland. The use became more intensive with the launch of physiotherapy education in 1984, and later on with the English Degree Programme in Physiotherapy. Instruction of physical activities as a group session, as well as adapted physical activity are major competences for physiotherapists in Finland. From the early beginning I realized that I should make use of novel methods when arranging physiotherapy students with opportunities to get to know clients of various age groups and with clients with need of extra support in their participation. As a teacher, I am aiming at pleasant experiences in close physical and social contact with students’ future clients in order to get students well motivated and brave enough to organize and instruct physical activities for everyone equally. More importantly, to get the students to appreciate every person and to rely on clients’ individual decision making. Not only to adapt physical activities to them – but with them. The use of Spectrum ideas makes these goals come true in a pleasant way! Our favorite style is the Reciprocal Style, modifying it the way that the students of physiotherapy know criteria for activities because of the specific areas in their professional training. Working in close physical contact with the client and the same time making observations of the movements facilitates the modification of activities – with the client and according to the client’s individual needs, interests, and abilities. To include the client in making decisions is linear to the modern rehabilitation, health promotion and prevention. Therefore, Spectrum relates closely to the teaching in the education of future physiotherapists. Moreover, international students studying in Satakunta University of Applied Sciences have the opportunity to take these Spectrum ideas back to their home countries. More information in: Javanainen-Levonen, T. & Kärki, A. (2007) A case study from a sport pedagogical perspective in the bachelor-level training of physiotherapists in Finland. In P. Heikinaro-Johansson, R. Telama and E. McEvoy (Eds.), AIESEP World Congress 2006 Proceedings: The role of physical education and sport in promoting physical activity and health (pp. 234-243). University of Jyväskylä, Finland: Department of Sport Sciences Research Reports No. 4. Tarja Javanainen-Levonen PhD in Sport sciences, Senior lecturer Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Welfare and Health tarja.javanainen-levonen@samk.fi

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