Dr. Nikolaos Digelidis

Associate Professor

Nikolaos Digelidis


University of Thessaly



At first, it was curiosity and the miracle of word-of-mouth. Soon it became my daily work. Working as a PE teacher and using the Spectrum in my everyday teaching were my first steps. The Spectrum is a wonderful idea of how to have open horizons to teaching and learning. Then, as a PhD student, trying to implement a variety ofstrategies to enhance mastery motivational climate in PE settings was a step further which gave me the opportunity to integrate with my previous teaching experience. I realized then the importance of the Spectrum at school. Now, trying to share this know-how with my students is the ultimate experience. In 2007, after 14 years of deliberate work with the Spectrum and PE books, many friends and colleagues encourage me to publish a short guide of lesson planning procedures by using the Spectrum for my student-teachers that I was supervising. Also, the same year, together with Sara Ashworth and colleagues organized the first International Spectrum Conference in Halkidiki, Greece. As a teacher educator since 1999 the Spectrum has helped me to maintain focus in what I was doing with my students. Teaching the Spectrum to my students has never been a routine! Through the years, the Spectrum still gives me inspiration to discuss multiple teaching and learning examples in many different contexts (school, sport etc) with my students. Perhaps, one the most fruitful attributes of the Spectrum is the fact that it provides a framework that enables any type of theory to integrate and connect with existing knowledge. I feel lucky to say that in our department we have a group of very competent colleagues who share common understanding of the Spectrum and very often this gives us inspiration for a variety of projects that we are running. By the way, this particular group of colleagues have managed to write all the official books of school PE in Greece for ages 11-18 by using examples of the Spectrum. I feel that I’m still learning from the Spectrum and perhaps this is what we all “Spectrum-people” share. We like learning and view progress as an ongoing process!

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